Winter Garden

A ‘Blank Slate’ …The winter vegetable garden at the cottage near Fressingfield Suffolk. Post Office Pen and ink . Taken …

Neil Cuthbert- Homecoming

Neil Cuthbert: Homecoming
An exhibition of works by Neil Cuthbert returned to the Orange Regional Gallery NSW Australia.
8th April – 4th June

Sailor, 2014 by Neil Cuthbert


Australian Galleries exhibition in May 2014.

Bligh….Mutiny on the Bounty

Bits & Pieces

Studies and larger works of a random nature 2014 –

Best in Show- Dogs in Australian Art

Orange Regional Gallery 9th April until 3rd July 2016

This exhibition is a celebration of the dog, our relationship with it, and how artists have chosen to express this in their work over the past 220 years.

Painting by Neil Cuthbert -Rossos at home

Call + Response – 26 March to 12 June 2016

‘Call + Response’ ……Organized and curated by Orange Regional Gallery; Several prominent artists from the region were invited to make an artwork inspired by a work from the Gallery’s permanent collection. This exhibition showcases these works alongside the original, now imbued with new life and new interpretations.

The Seven Works of Mercy

The Seven Works of Mercy illuminate the manner in which we should attend to the bodily needs of others.
Attendance or non-attendance ultimately ensuring one’s salvation or damnation.
They are :
Give a drink to the thirsty
Visit those in prison
Bury the dead
Heal the sick
Receive the stranger
Clothe the naked
Feed the hungry

Early works 1991 – 1993

Dicey Navigation…Early works that were part of Cuthbert’s undergraduate and postgraduate honours year at Wollongong University

The Architect’s Progress

Painting of the series began in February 2000.

The original brief (from the commission) contained these outlines for each of the paintings: Temptation; Deceit; Duplicity; Hubris; Desperation; Humiliation; Degradation; and Wages of Sin